What to visit around Annecy city?

What to visit around Annecy city?
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  1. Visit the Semnoz
  2. Visit the cave and waterfall of Seythenex
  3. Visit the regional natural park of the Massif of Bauges 

The city of Annecy is located in a region rich in spectacular landscapes and tourist attractions. If you are planning to visit this charming town, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas, which are full of natural wonders, historical sites and exciting activities for all ages. Here are some of the must-visit destinations around Annecy city.

Visit the Semnoz

The Semnoz is a mountain located near Annecy, offering plenty of outdoor activities. In summer, you can go hiking on its trails that wind through alpine meadows and green forests. The variety of routes caters to all levels, from family-friendly walks to more challenging hikes for mountain enthusiasts. By visiting the website www.annecy-town.com, you will find the most beautiful villages to discover near the Venice of the Alps. 
In winter, the Semnoz mountain transforms into a family-friendly ski resort. It offers slopes suitable for beginners and experienced skiers. If you visit the region towards the end of May, you can watch the famous trail race that takes place there. Whether you choose to enjoy panoramic hikes in the summer or glide down snowy slopes in winter, this mountain is a must-visit excursion during your trip to the city of Annecy.

Visit the cave and waterfall of Seythenex

Located about 30 minutes by car from Annecy, the cave and waterfall of Seythenex are a true natural gem. The cave of Seythenex takes you deep into the earth, where you can discover impressive rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites. During a guided tour, you can learn more about the cave’s geological formation and its fascinating history. 
After exploring this rock shelter, be sure to visit the Seythenex waterfall. This spectacular 45-meter-high waterfall offers an impressive natural spectacle. You can approach the waterfall via a trail and admire the power of the cascading water. The Seythenex cave and waterfall provide a unique nature experience and are perfect for a family excursion or a solo adventure.

Visit the regional natural park of the Massif of Bauges 

Around the city of Annecy, you will also find the regional natural park of the Massif of Bauges. It is located approximately 30 kilometers from the city and offers a true immersion into the preserved nature of the French Alps. The Massif of Bauges is a natural gem with majestic mountains, lush valleys, crystal-clear lakes and dense forests. It is home to rich flora and fauna, making it a paradise for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. The Massif of Bauges also offers many other outdoor activities. 
You can go mountain biking on specially designed trails or try rock climbing on the cliffs. Paragliding is also popular, offering exceptional panoramic views. This park, covering an area of about 900 km2, is also home to several picturesque villages where you can discover traditional architecture and taste local specialties. If you wish to extend your stay, the Massif of Bauges offers charming accommodations such as cottages, bed and breakfasts or campsites. These accommodations allow you to fully enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the region. 
During a stay in the city of Annecy, you can visit the surroundings areas to enjoy a more rewarding stay. Among the places to visit, some must-sees are the Semnoz mountain, the cave and waterfall of Seythenex as well as the regional natural park of the Massif of Bauges.

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