The handpan, a musical instrument easy to learn

Although it is a unique musical instrument, the handpan is simple to master. In fact, a growing number of people seeking new experiences are playing the handpan. The biggest advantage of this instrument is that anyone can learn to play it, and it requires no prior musical knowledge. You can learn how to play it online thanks to websites dedicated to this kind of training.

What is a handpan ?

The handpan is a characteristic instrument of the 21st century that is not yet well known by the public. It is a very remarkable gadget by its appearance and its sound. This musical percussion device was designed in 2009. It is a hammer-tuned instrument, made of steel shells tightly bound together. It is played directly with bare hands by rhythmically striking the metal. The particular sound of the handpan makes it a very popular musical instrument, which allows the creation of personal, skillful, seductive and extremely lyrical sounds. It is an infinite world of sounds and an infinite source of musical rhythms.

How to learn the handpan online ?

Although the handpan is a relatively intuitive instrument, training is always preferable if you want to succeed. Today, a variety of courses, tutorials and distance learning courses are available for those who want to learn to play the handpan online. Learn to play the handpan with the original and effective approach offered by some online platforms. Beginners can progress more quickly by taking fundamental courses. 

More experienced intermediate players can learn new techniques to refine their creative approach. In addition, they can learn more about musicality. Finally, more difficult courses, adapted to the specialists that are the professional players, will be made available to them. We find that online teaching methods are very beneficial for making rapid progress by gradually integrating the fundamentals. You can choose the courses that suit your skill level, your pace and your lifestyle.