Major Vaccine Delivery Companies Negatively Impacted by the Southern United States Winter Storm

Major Vaccine Delivery Companies Negatively Impacted by the Southern United States Winter Storm

A program was in place for the vaccination to go on as smoothly and successfully as possible. Unfortunately, the worst kind of winter storm in 30 years has disrupted plans to get as many Americans vaccinated in this part of the United States, particularly Texas.

In this report, we take an insight into the dealing of top delivery companies that are central to the vaccine distribution and how the weather condition is making things difficult for them.

FedEx and UPS Frustrated by Adverse Weather Conditions

While the healthcare workers and scientists are being applauded for their role as front-liners in the fight against this deadly virus, another team of professionals to appreciate are the delivery companies and their operational team. This is because they also put themselves on the line to make people comfortable.

However, things are taking a new twist and a negative one at that. This is since companies like FedEx and UPS have been unable to live up to the expectation of delivering the vaccines to vaccination centers in places like Texas and several other southern parts of the country.

The reason for this is the winter storm that has affected logistical arrangements. As a matter of fact, many vaccination centers have shut down operations and made changes to earlier appointments with people. Some are even yet to keep people abreast with the change of plans.

This is because they are not certain of when the situation will get better. The storm which has crippled the logistical plans of a reputable company like UPS is the worst of its kind in over 30 years.

More Adverse Effects

Other than the weather condition affecting the vaccination program, there have also been problems with water supply, electricity, and many more concerns. Many hospitals and homes are in dire need of water to carry on with their activities.

A news outlet did report that many people were seen struggling to get fresh water and had to heat the water without an electric heating machine. The residents in these parts are hoping that things get better soon.

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