How Some Capitol Riot Policemen may have had a Hand in the Siege

The 6th of January 2021 will remain a dark day for this nation. This is given how the nation’s symbol of democracy and regard for public opinion was desecrated by pro-trump mobs. All these happened right under the ex-president’s watch as he took a long while before making any constructive comments on the situation.

In this report, we unveil how some security agents in Capitol Hill may have had a hand in the event that unfolded that day.

Initial Administrative and Public Appraisal

In the aftermath of the attack, a lot of analysts, administrators, and the public appreciated the efforts of the Capitol Riot police in addressing the situation. This is especially given how they were outnumbered by the mobs that wreaked havoc on the nation’s seat of democracy.

Officers like Eugene Goodman have been at the forefront of the appraisal from various quarters. However, the narratives are changing in light of the conduct of some Capitol Riot Officials in the building as at the time of the siege.

Capitol Riot Police also Have some Black Sheep

The latest on the situation is revealing that 6 of the officers charged with the responsibility of protecting the nation’s seat of democracy on that day have been suspended. In addition to the suspension, the officers will not be paid till their suspensions are revoked (if they would).

The reason for this punitive action is because of their unprofessional and/or suspicious actions during the time of the attack. For instance, one of the suspended policemen was seen to have taken selfies with a group of mobs when the whole ordeal was taking place. Another was seen to have won a controversial cap during the attack.

Asides from the 6 members of the security department that have been suspended, several other officers are under investigation. The intent is to ensure that no other policeman acted unprofessionally or triggered the negative turn of events.

The force has had some losses as a result of the violence that erupted on that day. Notable among this is the death of 3 officers as a result of the mob attack.