How China Is Playing the Blaming Game Amidst the Pandemic

Especially given reports from a team of experts validated by the World Health Organization to investigate the source and outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, it can be deduced that the Chinese authorities are acting strange.

In this report, we see how this Asian authority has been doing this for a long time despite the fact global attention is just focused on it.

China Pushing the Blame on America

On every given occasion, ex-president Donald Trump did not mince words in blaming China for the outbreak of the disease. He even went as far as tagging the virus as the Chinese Virus.

Many people may not have taken him seriously considering how poorly the response was towards combating the spread of the disease. However, the actions of the Chinese authorities in recent time is a source of concern.

This is in light of how they have been uncooperative with the WHO assigned investigative team supposed to understudy the source and reason for the spread of the virus.

But more than this, the Chinese authorities have been attempting to change the narrative by spreading unfounded claims through the media. Many of these have been targeted at America.

For instance, there was a conspiracy theory last year that the virus originated from a US military camp somewhere. All this is an attempt to exonerate themselves as the originators of the virus.

Effects of the Conspiracy Theories

The shocking fact is that many people in China and a few other parts of Asia are buying into the unfounded stories circulating in the Chinese media. So, many of them think the root of the Covid-19 problem emanated from a US military camp.

As noted by a political analyst “this is a blatant abuse of the power of the media by the Chinese authorities. These communists have to own up to their responsibility in the catastrophe that befell the entire planet”.