House Democrats to Take Bold and Coordinated Step in Pushing for Covid-19 Relief Bill

Not too long after the new administration assumed office, the presidency proposed a big financial move in the bid to help the economy get back on its feet. This is specifically about the Covid-19 relief package that has raised so much dust in recent times between the democrats and republicans. 

Why Division in Capitol Hill as Touching the Covid-19 Relief Package

Anyone who has been in tabs with the legislative trend in the United States understands that there are political disparities as touching the endorsement of the recent bill passed the presidency.

The reason is down to the impact of this bill on the fiscal position of the nation. The Republicans think that the nation cannot afford to spend recklessly. While they agree with the need for a bill such as this, they stress how the nation cannot afford to foot all the packages embedded in the bill.

As a result, many of the Republican lawmakers are stressing the need for the bill to be revisited by cutting down on certain features.

In response, the president explained that every detail of the package is vital as they work “hand in gloves”. For this reason, he has held several meetings with Republican lawmakers to make them see the reason for the bill.

How the Catastrophic Situation in Texas and Southern State may Influence Decisions

The latest reports indicate that the democrats are likely going to ensure that the bill is signed into law. They plan to take advantage of their numerical position as the majority team in Capitol Hill. However, this will mean that they have to be coordinated and without divisions in their camp.

Furthermore, it is believed that the catastrophic situation in Texas and many other parts of the southern territory may trigger the house to come to a speedy decision on the ruling of the bill.