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Amiga Dimension – January 2018

Stuart Williams on the Commodore UK stand at the PCW show, c1988
Stuart Williams on the Commodore UK stand at the PCW show, c1988

Welcome to the regenerated Amiga User International, an online magazine and tribute website dedicated to the original, first ever European magazine which focused on the Commodore Amiga home computer.  Amiga User International (fondly known to many simply as AUI) was first published as a supplement in Commodore Computing International from 1986. In January 1988, it was re-launched as a full independent newsstand magazine, published by Croftward Ltd. The launch of this website in January 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of that independence.

This Amiga User International site is published and edited in tribute to that much-missed magazine, its staff and its contributors, by myself, AUI’s former freelance communications guru, PD software specialist and occasional reviewer. At the moment I am something of a one-man band. I would welcome the help of past staff and fellow contributors, or indeed new contributors, if any would like to come forward.

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The original Managing Editor and Publisher of AUI, Mr Antony H. Jacobson (previously of Croftward Ltd), has kindly granted me permission for the republication of all original content from the printed AUI, plus Commodore Computing International, on this site.

My aim is to select and reproduce interesting and relevant content from past issues, to look at the history of AUI and its people, and to publish new posts and content reporting on Amiga news and the present-day Amiga community and scene in general, plus reviews of books, magazines, hardware, software and websites, as time permits.

Amiga StuThe Amiga User International website is presently under construction, and it will take time to evolve and to build up extensive content both old and new – so please keep coming back.  You have now entered the Amiga dimension.  Remember – only Amiga makes it possible!

Stuart Williams, Editor and Publisher

January, 2018 (or is it 1988?)