Welcome to the regenerated Amiga User International, the online magazine and tribute website dedicated to, and following in the footsteps of, the original, first ever European print magazine which focused on the Commodore Amiga home computer.

Amiga User International, affectionately known as ‘AUI’, was first published as a supplement in Commodore Computing International from 1986. In January 1988, it was re-launched as a full independent newsstand magazine, published by Croftward Ltd.  This site, launched to mark the thirtieth anniversary of AUI’s independence, is published and edited in tribute to that much-missed magazine, its staff and its contributors, by myself, a former communications guru and public domain software specialist for AUI.

Amiga User International was distinct from many other Amiga magazines of the day which followed it onto the market, reflecting as it did a broader hobbyist, creative and business interest; although it did review games, real-world, practical use of the Amiga range of computers was AUI’s main theme, and this site will also reflect that broad interest.

The original Managing Editor and Publisher of AUI, Mr Antony Jacobson (previously of Croftward Ltd), has kindly granted permission for the republication of any and all original content from the magazine on this site.

The aim overall is to regularly add selected content harvested from the original issues of AUI, and to build on that with new content along similar lines, including Amiga news. A roll of honour of past AUI staff and contributors will also be added, as time permits, as a second menu item under this About page.

The pages/menu items of this site have deliberately been set up to replicate the section headings used by the printed magazine.  Past games reviews will be presented in the form of scans of the original pages, to preserve the look of the original. Other sections will be re-purposed as mixed text and graphics, and new content will be presented in the same way, in homage to the original.

This site already has a well-established Facebook group and a recently-launched Twitter feed. For links, please see the Contact page.

The Amiga User International website is presently under construction, and there is much to do – so please keep coming back.

You have now entered the Amiga dimension.  Remember – only Amiga makes it possible!

Stuart Williams, Editor and Publisher

January 2018