What documents are needed to justify the payment of the tourist tax in Bonaire ?

When you go to Bonaire, it is important to know the documents necessary to justify the payment of the tourist tax. This tax is an essential part of the stay on the island and it is essential to comply with the regulations in force. Discover in this article, the documents commonly required to prove the payment of the tourist tax in Bonaire. Whether you are a tourist or a resident, this information will help you prepare and ensure you have the necessary documents to support your payment.

Payment receipt

One of the most important documents to justify the payment of the Bonaire visitor tax is the payment receipt. Once you have paid the tax, you should carefully keep the receipt provided by the local authorities. This receipt will serve as proof that you have paid the tax and must be presented in case of request during your stay in Bonaire. It is recommended that you keep an electronic copy of the receipt on your phone or computer, as well as a hard copy, in case you need to present physical proof. In case of loss or problem with the payment receipt, it is advisable to contact the competent authorities in charge of collecting the tourist tax in Bonaire for assistance and an appropriate solution.

Online payment confirmation

If you made the payment of the tourist tax online before your arrival in Bonaire, you will need to ensure that you have a confirmation of payment. This confirmation can be in the form of an email or a PDF document that you receive after completing the online transaction. Be sure to keep this document on your phone or computer, along with a printed copy, in case you are asked to present it during your stay. The online payment confirmation serves as proof that you have paid the tax before your arrival. It is recommended to have the online payment confirmation easily accessible, as the authorities may ask to see it to verify that you have made the payment of the tourist tax.

Passport or identity card

When you register in Bonaire, it is common for the authorities to ask you to present your passport or identity card. Although not directly related to proof of payment of tourist tax, these documents may be required to verify your identity and visitor status. It is therefore important to have your passport or identity card with you during your stay on Bonaire, as they may be requested during various administrative formalities. Be sure to keep a copy of your passport or identity card in a safe place, in addition to the tourist tax payment receipt, so that you are ready to present all the necessary documents when required.

Proof of residence or accommodation

If you are a resident of Bonaire or staying in accommodation on the island, you may be required to show proof of residency or accommodation reservation. This may include a rental agreement, hotel reservation confirmation or similar document. Although not directly related to the tourist tax, these documents may be requested to confirm your resident or visitor status as part of the administrative formalities. So make sure you have these documents at hand during your stay in Bonaire.

Proof of previous payment

If you have already paid tourist tax for a previous period during your visit to Bonaire, it may be useful to have proof of this previous payment. This can take the form of a receipt or a payment certificate that you received during your previous stay on the island. Although not always necessary, it is recommended to have this proof with you, especially if you intend to stay for an extended period or if you have already paid the tax for part of your current stay.

The main thing to remember

To justify the payment of the tourist tax in Bonaire, it is essential to have the necessary documents at hand. Whether it is payment receipt, online payment confirmation, passport or identity card, proof of residence or accommodation, or even proof of previous payment, these documents will help you prove that you have paid the tax in accordance with local regulations. Be sure to keep these documents safe and present them when required during your stay on Bonaire. By respecting these requirements, you will be able to fully enjoy your stay on the island without having to worry about justifying your payment of the tourist tax.

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