Henrik Fisker says his New Company will Stand the Test of Time

Henrik Fisker is a car designer that has a rich history with 2 top automobile manufacturers – Aston Martin and BMW. He left these companies to set up shop as an entrepreneur – a decision that backfired as his company went bankrupt for some reason.

In this report, we analyze the chances of Fisker surviving the second attempt in the automobile corporate world.

Failing in the Automobile Sector Is not a New Experience

Judging from history lessons, Fisker is not the only CEO to have had his initial company go bankrupt and come back stronger. As noted by a financial analyst “people in the industry become stronger and better with experience. An example is the Volkswagen episode that saw many of its vehicles recalled in the USA plus a hefty fine on their neck”.

To buttress this point, finding reveals the likes of Henry Ford did not only fail once but twice. So, judging the possible experience of Fisker and his new brand based on previous experience is a “very lame way to go about assessing his credentials as a CEO and producer of top-quality electric cars” explained the financial analyst.

How Fisker Hopes to Address a Reoccurrence of the First Failing

Henrik Fisker did explain that he is certain his new automobile company will stand tall in the industry. This is owing to his better knowledge of the industry and how detailed and practical his plan is.

He explained that he will steer away from handling the manufacture of his electric vehicles. Instead, this significant part of the job will be outsourced to a production company. It should be noted that he employed this tactic in his first attempt but failed woefully. In response, he explained how the mistake of not allowing the production company to have a significant stake in the company will not be repeated.

He also touched upon how the sales of his vehicle will be conducted. He gave credit to Tesla for making it possible for automobile companies to bypass dealers and stressed that his electric cars will be sold directly to consumers. The car from this renowned car designer is set to be out by the year 2022.

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